• 10

    Mentor Market Street Park-n-Ride

  • 11

    Madison Park-n-Ride Lakeland Community College Park-n-Ride

  • 12

    St. Mary Magdalene, Shoregate Shopping Center, Wickliffe Park-n-Ride

  • 13

    Wickliffe, Pine Ridge, Shops of Willoughby Hills Park-n-Ride

  • 14

    Eastlake Park-n-Ride at Classic Park

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Laketran, RTA and LCT on temporary funding patch the House passed this week

By Devon Turchan, The News-Herald  POSTED: 07/17/14 Like the potholes its money would go toward fixing, the Highway Trust Fund can’t seem to get much more than a patch job.The House of Representatives on July 15 passed yet another a short-term[...]

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Local Routes

Laketran's local Fixed Routes 1-6 travel along the major corridors of Lake County.

System Map

Laketran provides service on Local Fixed Routes 1-6 covering the main corridors of Lake County.

System Map