Did You Know?

Interesting Facts About Laketran

Nationally Recognized Dial-a-Ride

Laketran’s Dial-a-Ride is nationally recognized for going Above & Beyond for people with disabilities. Here’s how:

  • Dial-a-Ride will take you anywhere in Lake County, where most transit systems restrict travel to within 3/4 miles of local bus routes as mandated by Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA.)
  • Laketran provides Dial-a-Ride service to anyone in Lake County, but is only federally mandated to serve people with disabilities for paratransit services.
  • Laketran provides door-through-door service, but is only federally mandated to offer curb-to-curb service.
  • Laketran allows senior citizens to ride for a discount at age 60, while most transit systems nationwide require seniors to be 65 for a reduced fare.
  • Laketran offers a reduced Dial-a-Ride fare, even though we can charge double the regular Local Route bus fare for ADA trips ($1.75 x 2 = $3.50 fare, but not us. We only charge $2.50 each way.)
  • Laketran offers reasonable modifications to make using Laketran easier to use on passengers.
    Laketran drivers assist passengers with groceries and packages to their front door, while many transit systems do not assist with packages. This allows fewer trips to the store helping our customers save money and time.
  • Laketran offers home visits to discuss services with you and your caregivers to help you understand programs, discounts, and benefits that individually assist each passenger. Check out Travel Training or Seniors on the Go programs.

Dial-a-Ride’s priority is Seniors and People with Disabilities

Over 98 percent of Dial-a-Ride passengers are senior citizens or people with disabilities. We provide around 1,100 Dial-a-Ride trips daily.

Over 750,000 Riders

Laketran served over 750,000 riders in 2018.

  • 305,000 Local Bus Routes 1-6
  • 290,000 Dial-a-Ride
  • 155,000 Park-n-Ride

45 Years Moving Forward

Laketran was established in 1974 and turns 45 on December 23, 2019.

Safe Driving Awards

Congratulations to Laketran drivers who received Laketran’s Safety Award for 2018! Over 2.5 million miles driven accident free!  In 2018, Laketran was recognized as the by Ohio Transit Risk Pool for the SOAR award for safe driving and loss prevention.

Locally Supported & Funded

Laketran passed a dedicated one-quarter of one percent sales tax levy in November 2013 receiving 66% voter approval. This local source of funding provides over 60% of Laketran’s funding and allows Laketran to receive additional funds from federal and state grants.

Lake County First Responders

Laketran is part of Lake County’s Emergency Response Team. We’ve helped evacuate assisted living centers with no heat, flooding daycares, and even entire communities. Hurricane Sandy, H1N1, Fairport Harbor Fires, CSX Train Derailment, Grand River Floods, and the I-90 Bomb Threat are just a few of the times Laketran has assisted. Check out a video of us in action.

Work is our #1 Destination

60% of Laketran riders take the bus to work.  Work trips on Dial-a-Ride for people with disabilities has increased 21% since 2015.

Access to Healthcare is a Priority – Medical Trips are our #2 Destination

Over 53% of Laketran’s annual Dial-a-Ride trips take seniors to medical appointments. More than 16,000 annual Dial-a-Ride trips transport riders to life-preserving kidney dialysis.  Annually, our Dial-a-Ride service carries more than 60,000 passengers to medical appointments.

Collaboration Among Agencies is Key for Clients

Over a third of Dial-a-Ride passengers use Laketran for Health & Human Services appointments. Laketran provided service to over 30 Lake County agencies in 2019. Laketran partners with numerous agencies to ensure the best use and preservation of taxpayers’ dollars.

Laketran partners with the following organizations and communities to offer reduced fares to Lake County residents:

  • City of Wickliffe
  • City of Willoughby
  • Eastlake Senior Center
  • Lake County Board of DD/Deepwood Industries
  • Lake County Veterans Service Commission
  • Lake County Commissioners
  • Lake County Job & Family Services
  • Lake County ADAMHS Board
  • Lake County RSVP
  • Lakeland Community College
  • Lake Health (volunteer benefit)
  • Ohio Living Breckenridge Village

Honors Our Veterans

Each year, Laketran assists over 9,000 veterans and their spouses to Cleveland’s Wade Park VA Clinic and other area medical facilities for free, through a special partnership with Lake County Veteran Service Commission and Lake County Commissioners.

Financially Accountable

Laketran has earned 24 outstanding state and federal audits.

Economic Driver

For every $1 invested in public transportation, $4 is returned to our local economy.

Putting in Miles

Laketran traveled 3,789,236 miles in 2018.

Environmentally Conscious

Laketran recycles all its vehicle motor oil and uses it in the boiler to heat our building. We strive to reduce as much waste as possible. We all recycle used tires, metal, paper and plastic.

Laketran is transitioning its Dial-a-Ride fleet to propane that is 35% more fuel efficient and produces less emissions.  In 2020, Laketran will operate the first battery-operated electric buses in the state of Ohio that will be emission free!

Best Small Transit in America in 2000 & 2005

Laketran was recognized as Best Small Transit System in America in 2000 and 2005.