Dial-a-Ride Service Improvements

August 2020: Laketran pilots Next Day Dial-a-Ride 

On August 3, Laketran began a pilot program offering Next Day Dial-a-Ride reservations to customers who use the agency’s door-to-door transportation service.

Dial-a-Ride is an assisted transportation service primarily used by seniors and people with disabilities who cannot access the agency’s Local Route service. Laketran provides the service throughout Lake County and to limited Cuyahoga County medical facilities.

Reservations for Dial-a-Ride that can be made by phone or online, are normally required 2-12 days prior to a trip, but with the new pilot program customers can call for a ride for the next day.

“Since passing our sales tax levy last fall, we have continued to look for ways to improve Dial-a-Ride service for seniors and people with disabilities and this is a service improvement we’ve heard requested from customers for quite some time,” said Laketran CEO Ben Capelle.

“We realize that plans can change last minute and that sometimes it’s difficult to plan your transportation needs two or more days in advance,” continued Capelle. “We still encourage customers to continue booking trips 2-12 business days in advance, but if something comes up do not hesitate to call for a ride or schedule it on Request-a-Ride.”

Next Day Dial-a-Ride reservations are available on a first come, first served basis during the three-month pilot program.

December 2019: Laketran Prioritizes Dial-a-Ride improvements after passing levy

A large part of Laketran’s Issue 2 campaign included plans to improve our Dial-a-Ride service. After Issue 2 passed in November 2019, Laketran Board of Trustees approved Phase I of proposed service enhancements, including hiring additional drivers and purchasing additional vehicles to add 35,000 hours of Dial-a-Ride service to the roads of Lake County in 2020.

February 2020: Laketran Driver Hiring Events!

As part of our Phase I service enhancements,  we need to hire 36 part-time drivers. To help accomplish this, we hosted a two day hiring event. Over two days we interviewed over 120 candidates and were able to fill 3 new classes of drivers.  These new classes will starts in February, March, and April.


January & February 2020: add additional Dial-a-Ride vehicles to our fleet

Between January and February 2020, we have added 12 Dial-a-Ride vehicles to our fleet.  These Dial-a-Ride vehicles are powered by propane, making them a most cost-effective and eco-friendly option than a typical diesel vehicle. We also purchased additional Ford transit vans, which we first introduced to our fleet in October 2019.