Campus Loop continues to be a convenient, safe amenity for students on campus

LAKE COUNTY, OH – Joel Connors, is a freshman at Lakeland Community College studying business and lives in Willoughby Hills.

Originally, from Ontario, Canada, the 18 year old student chose to study at Lakeland Community College after committing to play baseball.

Since relocating to Ohio, his transportation options are limited because he does not have a car.

“I don’t have a car. I rely on Laketran to get around campus and carpool to get here,” shared Connors. “Campus Loop makes it easier to get around campus and is helpful to get to classes on time, plus it’s safer than walking to classes across the main street to the Holden University Center.”

“It appears students are enjoying the benefit of the Campus Loop,” said Laketran CEO Ben Capelle of the year old amenity. “Over 3,100 students have ridden the Campus Loop through September of this year. Last year we saw the largest amount of ridership in winter months so we expect to see that number grow.”

To improve safety and access to all areas of campus, Laketran added bus stops on the Campus Loop to serve the B building adjacent to the handicap parking lot and Moorland Mansion parking lot.

“From a safety perspective, Campus Loop is a successful project between Laketran and the college,” expressed Lakeland Community College Police Lieutenant Stephen Gagliardi. “Students need to move around a large campus, including back and forth across a heavily-traveled street. This partnership with Laketran allows us to be responsive to both the safety and needs of our students.”

Laketran is now operating the service with 15-passenger, New England Wheels FrontRunner buses.

“Laketran began the service last year operating our paratransit-style vehicle that would be typically used in Dial-a-Ride operations,” explained Capelle. “However, a more fuel efficient, low-floor shuttle bus, similar to something you may use for airport transportation, will improve access and efficiency for the route.”