Park-n-Ride: Route 11


Madison Park-n-Ride - 200 Water Tower Dr. Lakeland Community College Park-n-Ride

* = Passengers must call Laketran at least 1 hour in advance to schedule these trips.
Madison Park-n-Ride Lakeland Community College E. 9th St. & Lakeside Ave. (Federal Building) Prospect Ave. & W. 3rd St. (Tower City) Superior Ave. & E. 9th St. Chester Ave. & E. 21st St. (CSU)
06:25 AM 07:00 AM 07:30 AM 07:35 AM 07:40 AM 07:45 AM
06:50 AM 07:20 AM 07:50 AM 07:55 AM 08:00 AM 08:05 AM
Chester Ave. & E. 21st. St. (CSU) Rockwell Ave. (Arrive) Rockwell Ave. (Depart) Prospect Ave. & W. 3rd St. (Tower City) E. 9th St. & Lakeside Ave. (Federal Building) Lakeland Community College Madison Park-n-Ride
04:30 PM 04:40 PM 04:45 PM – – – – – – – – 05:10 PM 05:30 PM
05:10 PM 05:20 PM 05:25 PM 05:30 PM 05:35 PM 06:00 PM 06:25 PM

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The News-Herald | Tuesday, January 2, 2018 With Ray Jurkowski retiring as general manager after 14 years, Laketran knew 2017 was set to be a year of transition. The organization in July promoted deputy general manager Ben Capelle to the role previously held by Jurkowski. But that’s not all the transit system faced — add […]

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Editorial: Laketran, Painesville Township applauded for cost-saving efforts

The News-Herald | Saturday, December 2, 2017 It’s good to see government agencies, departments and offices come up with innovative ideas to stretch taxpayer dollars as far as possible. That’s why we were pleased to read about two separate initiatives undertaken recently by Laketran and the Painesville Township Fire Department. At Laketran, an idea that will save money […]

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Laketran considers offering specialty maintenance services

Lake County, OH – Laketran continues to get innovative when it comes to cutting costs and growing revenue. After difficulty finding vendors to complete alignments on their 35 foot transit buses and 40 foot commuter coaches, Laketran has decided to bring the services in-house. “Our local vendor here in Lake County told us they did […]

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