Park-n-Ride: Route 11


Madison Park-n-Ride - 200 Water Tower Dr. Lakeland Community College Park-n-Ride

* = Passengers must call Laketran at least 1 hour in advance to schedule these trips.
Madison Park-n-Ride Lakeland Community College E. 9th St. & Lakeside Ave. (Federal Building) Prospect Ave. & W. 3rd St. (Tower City) Superior Ave. & E. 9th St. Chester Ave. & E. 21st St. (CSU)
06:25 AM 07:00 AM 07:30 AM 07:35 AM 07:40 AM 07:45 AM
06:50 AM 07:20 AM 07:50 AM 07:55 AM 08:00 AM 08:05 AM
Chester Ave. & E. 21st. St. (CSU) Rockwell Ave. (Arrive) Rockwell Ave. (Depart) Prospect Ave. & W. 3rd St. (Tower City) E. 9th St. & Lakeside Ave. (Federal Building) Lakeland Community College Madison Park-n-Ride
04:30 PM 04:40 PM 04:45 PM – – – – – – – – 05:10 PM 05:30 PM
05:10 PM 05:20 PM 05:25 PM 05:30 PM 05:35 PM 06:00 PM 06:25 PM

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Laketran poised to move forward with multiple projects

By Chad Felton, The News-Herald | Friday, January 11, 2019 Laketran is looking to launch more projects in 2019 after benefiting from multiple accomplishments in 2018, including Campus Loop Route 7 service at Lakeland Community College, and securing federal grants totaling $2.9 million for electric bus funding. The transit agency also seeks to remain focused on serving […]

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Senior Services Levy and Laketran working to eliminate transportation barriers

Lake County, OH – The Lake County Board of Commissioners and Laketran, the regional public transportation authority, are partnering to improve transportation access for seniors to attend the plethora of activities offered at countywide Lake County senior centers. Effective January 2019, Laketran, with help from the Senior Services Levy, will be offering door-to-door, Dial-a-Ride transportation […]

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Laketran sees savings from fuel consortium led by Akron METRO RTA

By Chad Felton, The News Herald | Monday, December 31, 2018 While Laketran’s traditional sources of revenue have been lagging or uncertain, such as state and federal funding, the regional transit system has been able to depend on continued savings from a fuel consortium led by Akron METRO RTA to keep service operating. “This past year alone, Laketran […]

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