Park-n-Ride: Route 11


Madison Park-n-Ride - 200 Water Tower Dr. Lakeland Community College Park-n-Ride

* = Passengers must call Laketran at least 1 hour in advance to schedule these trips.
Madison Park-n-Ride Lakeland Community College E. 9th St. & Lakeside Ave. (Federal Building) Prospect Ave. & W. 3rd St. (Tower City) Superior Ave. & E. 9th St. Chester Ave. & E. 21st St. (CSU)
06:25 AM 07:00 AM 07:30 AM 07:35 AM 07:40 AM 07:45 AM
06:50 AM 07:20 AM 07:50 AM 07:55 AM 08:05 AM 08:15 AM
Chester Ave. & E. 21st. St. (CSU) Rockwell Ave. (Arrive) Rockwell Ave. (Depart) Prospect Ave. & W. 3rd St. (Tower City) E. 9th St. & Lakeside Ave. (Federal Building) Lakeland Community College Madison Park-n-Ride
04:30 PM 04:40 PM 04:45 PM – – – – – – – – 05:10 PM 05:30 PM
05:10 PM 05:20 PM 05:25 PM 05:30 PM 05:35 PM 06:00 PM 06:25 PM

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Laketran and Lake County Secure Ohio EPA Funds to Improve Air Quality

Laketran and Lake County grant applications to the Ohio EPA for the Diesel Mitigation Trust Fund proved to be very competitive after receiving nearly 20 percent of the total award for this round of funding. Together, the agencies will bring $2.5 million of funding to the region for vehicle replacements that will improve the local […]

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Laketran officials reflect on 2019 achievements, look toward future improvements

Chad Felton | The News-Herald It was, once again, a very busy year for Laketran. The transit agency’s bustling 2019 was capped off with multiple announcements of good tidings, including, most notably, the November passage of a 0.25 percent sales tax to sustain Laketran’s door-to-door Dial-a-Ride service and to improve transit services to key job corridors. Remaining […]

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Laketran prioritizes Dial-a-Ride improvements after passing levy

LAKE COUNTY, OH – At the Monday, December 16 Laketran board of trustees meeting the board approved phase one of service improvements promised by Laketran that will be funded by the passage of their recent sales tax levy. Laketran will be hiring twelve full-time drivers and nine part-time drivers that will add over 35,000 hours […]

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