About Laketran

Proudly serving over 650,000 riders each year, Laketran is Lake County, Ohio’s regional public transportation system offering nine Local Routes, door-to-door Dial-a-Ride, and three commuter Park-n-Ride routes with service between Lake County and Downtown Cleveland.

Download the 2023 Laketran System Map to see where all the Local Routes and Park-n-Ride connect in Lake County and to and from downtown Cleveland. Laketran is nationally known for its expansive Dial-a-Ride service that is available to the general public.  A trip on Laketran’s accessible, door-to-door Dial-a-Ride service requires a reservation 1-12 days in advance.

Annual Report

Laketran is proud to serve the residents of Lake County.  Enjoy Laketran’s 2023 Annual Report that highlights how your investment in transit has allowed us to expand services and grow ridership, as well as innovate using technology to better serve our customers and maintain an environmentally-friendly fleet. The comprehensive report shares how Laketran is fulfilling its mission through its three main services: Local Routes, Dial-a-Ride and Park-n-Ride.  The agency’s capital fund and 2023 operating budget are also included.

2023 Annual Report | 2022 Annual Report | 2021 Annual Report | 2020 Annual Report


Laketran takes pride in providing professional, friendly, safe and affordable transportation to the residents of Lake County. While traditionally serving over 750,000 customers each year, Laketran carried 540,000 riders in 2022 as ridership continued to recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic.  On average, Laketran serves 300,000 passengers using in-county Local Routes; 160,000 Park-n-Ride customers commuting between Lake County and Cleveland, and 290,000 seniors and people with disabilities using Laketran’s nationally recognized door-to-door Dial-a-Ride.  For regional access Laketran connects to Cleveland RTA along our Local Routes at E.260 St. & Euclid Ave. and Shoregate Shopping Center and in downtown Cleveland using Park-n-Ride.  To access Geauga County, Laketran’s Dial-a-Ride service connects with Geauga County Transit at TriPoint Medical Center.


All services are open to the public. Laketran’s fleet consists of 17 kneeling local route buses, 20 motor coach buses for commuter service, and nearly 100 Dial-a-Ride buses, vans and minivans used for our door-to-door service.  Laketran services are 100% ADA accessible and every bus is equipped with a wheelchair lift or ramp. Accessibility is very important at Laketran – not only in terms of equipment, but to those who operate the system as well. Drivers are trained to assist riders with disabilities and special needs including CPR/First Aid training, disability sensitivity, assisting passengers with service animals, communicating with hearing or visually impaired customers, maneuvering and securing mobility devices, and transferring individuals to a seat.


Laketran is governed by a nine-member Board of Trustees appointed for three-year terms by the Lake County Commissioners. Trustees set policy and oversee strategic direction. Laketran employs about 245 employees. 76% of employees are full and part-time bus drivers, 8% are mechanics, 12% of employees are dispatchers and operation supervisors, while only 4% are administrative employees.


Laketran’s 2023 operating expenses were $28 million.  Laketran’s revenues are made up of the following:  Laketran’s half of one percent (0.50%) local county sales tax accounts for nearly 66.2%, passenger fares 6.1% which includes contracts such as Medicaid Non-Emergency Transportation trips, federal and state grants 26.2% and miscellaneous revenue 1.5% .  Due to one time COVID-19 pandemic state and federal grants, revenue from FY 2020-2023  varies from traditional revenue streams.

Laketran has received 27 years of consecutive clean audits from the Ohio Auditor of State. A Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR) is prepared by Laketran’s Finance Department and represents Laketran’s commitment to provide accurate, concise and high-quality financial information to the Board of Trustees, interested parties and Lake County residents.


Laketran was recognized by the American Public Transit Association for Outstanding Achievement for a small system in 2000 and again in 2005.  In 2005, Laketran was also recognized by the Mentor Area Chamber of Commerce as the Lake County Organization of the Year.  The agency has also consistently been awarded recognition for excellence in financial budgeting and reporting, communications and federal triennial reviews.


Laketran was established as the Lake County regional transit authority on December 23, 1974 by resolution of Lake County Commissioners Robert Martin, John Platz and Michael Coffey. The name, “Laketran”, was adopted in 1979.

Laketran is committed to providing quality public transportation services to all Lake County residents with a special emphasis on meeting the transportation needs of senior citizens and people with disabilities.

Starting out very lean with borrowed buses in 1970’s and 1980’s, Laketran has transformed into a modern fleet of 162 vehicles traveling over 3.9 million miles a year. Check our 40th Anniversary video: Laketran: 40 Years Moving Forward.