Laketran Board Approves Financial Recovery Plan

Published: Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The Laketran Board of Trustees approved a financial recovery plan for the agency at their May 11, 2009 meeting. The 2009-1010 plan was adopted to close the gap on an expected $5.7 million deficit.


The recovery plan includes $1 million in reduction of departmental/personnel expenses; $1.5 million in reduction of service expenses; the addition of $2.2 million from new revenue streams; and $1 million in fare increases. The internal reductions account for closing 55% of the deficit gap. These include departmental expense reductions, wage freezes, early retirement incentives and a hiring freeze.


Service reductions include the elimination of all Saturday services, eliminating weekday service after 7pm; and adjustment of several commuter routes.


Fare increases effective July 1, 2009:

  • Dial-a-Ride Regular Fare $10
  • Dial-a-Ride Senior/Disabled/Child Under 12 $2.50
  • Fixed Route Regular $1.75
  • Fixed Route Senior/Disabled/Child Under 12 $0.75
  • Commuter Express Regular $3.75
  • Commuter Express Monthly Pass $135
  • Commuter Express Student 10-Ride Ticket $15

All out-of-county Dial-a-Ride medical trips will be twice the base fare. 
All multi-ride tickets will be for 10-Rides only.


Commuter Route changes:

  • Rt 14 – 5:35am departure will be eliminated
  • Rt 14 – 6:15am departure changed to 6:00am
  • Rt 12 – 7:10am departure will be eliminated
  • Rt 12 – 6:30am departure will change to 6:45am
  • Rt 12- 4:40pm and 5:00pm departures will be consolidated into a new single departure time of 4:55pm
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