Laketran joins Ohio Clean Energy Jobs Alliance to save Perry Power Plant

Laketran’s Board of Trustees has added its name to a growing list of community stakeholders supporting the Ohio Clean Energy Jobs Alliance. The alliance is seeking a public policy solution that will allow Perry Nuclear Power Plant to avoid its decommissioning slated for 2021.

“Electricity is the future energy source for all ground transportation, including buses.” shared Ben Capelle, CEO of Laketran. “Access to a diversity of reliable energy sources will allow the market prices to remain more stable and as electricity becomes a primary fuel source for Laketran, that stability will become very important for our budget.”

Laketran was just awarded more than $2.2 million to purchase two battery-operated electric buses and electric charging infrastructure, making Laketran the first transit system in the state to deploy zero-emissions electric vehicles.

“The federal government is prioritizing electric bus infrastructure to reduce emissions and lower the cost of providing transit service. As grants become available, our goal at Laketran is to electrify our entire Local Route system that travels the major corridors in Lake County,” continued Capelle.

Unlike natural gas, fueling buses with electricity that comes from nuclear power allows the entire energy pipeline to be emissions free. Nuclear power produces no sulfur dioxide or carbon dioxide air emissions producing electricity and Laketran’s electric buses will also operate emission-free.

“Aside from the cost saving for Laketran as we transition to electric buses, our board also recognizes the impact of losing over 700 local jobs on our regional economy, plus the fact that the power plant is spending nearly $64 million a year with vendors and suppliers,” shared Laketran board president Brian Falkowski. “We offer our support of the Alliance and encourage other organizations across the region to follow suit.”

“I commend Laketran in joining the Ohio Clean Energy Jobs Alliance,” shared Lake County Commissioner Jerry Cirino. “The transportation industry is yet another beneficiary of keeping the Perry Nuclear Power Plant operating and as a tax-supported agency, we all benefit when agencies like Laketran can reduce their costs.”