Laketran propane-fueled fleet to arrive with new image

In promotion of the change to propane, the transit agency announced it will also update the graphic on its buses.

“While the body style of the vehicles may not look too different, we wanted to make them stand out by updating the graphics,” said Julia Schick, Laketran’s director of communications and marketing. “A change in the bus graphics provides an opportunity to showcase Laketran’s new alternative fuel source and modernize our image in the community, maintaining the brand identity we’ve established over 40 years. It also promotes Laketran’s improvement to air quality in Lake County.”

The image upgrade coincides with vehicle body changes and improved customer service benefits to the Dial-a-Ride service.

Laketran recently launched Request-a-Ride, an online reservation program allowing customers to book or cancel trips online. Automatic confirmation and reminder calls alert riders of reservations, notifying them when the bus is en route.

The transit authority also aims to launch online pre-payment options in next year.

According to a Laketran news release, the new graphic image, designed by Willoughby-based design and inbound marketing agency Blackbird Interactive, features a wave design that includes Laketran’s branded blue colors and red stripe, which also serves as reflective striping (on the vehicles) for safety.

“Through the feedback process some viewed the graphic as a wave that represents Lake County while others see a winding road that illustrates the mobility Laketran provides the community,” Schick said. “Either way, the designs draws you to the tip where we promote (the) ‘Eco-friendly Powered by Propane’ (commitment).”

Laketran has selected two different body types for the new propane buses that offer different seating to accommodate various demands in service. The new fleet will include six ten-passenger buses and two eight-passenger vehicles.

Laketran Board President Brian Falkowski said the agency is looking forward to launching redesigned Dial-a-Ride bus graphics as it replaces older buses.

“In conjunction with the fueling switch, this redesign will stay true to our brand message and have no additional cost, enabling us to bring attention to these new buses and propane technology.”

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