Locations along Laketran add value to riding

Bus riders who take Laketran’s Local Routes around town are getting a more for their bus fare this summer. Laketran recently announced Locations along Laketran, a summer long promotion that features a business each week along Laketran’s Local Routes 1-6 that offer a discount just for being a Laketran rider.

Laketran’s Local Routes 1-6 travel the major corridors of Lake County with bus stops every quarter mile and operate Monday–Saturday from 6 a.m. to 8 p.m.

“Our Local Routes provide over 300,000 rides annually and average about 1,300 daily boardings. We see an increase in ridership during the summer months for many obvious reasons – school is out, students are working, and of course the weather,” explained Laketran CEO, Ben Capelle.

“We also see a lot more seniors using our Local Routes, instead of Dial-a-Ride, during the summer. The sidewalks are safer to walk on and it’s a cheaper bus fare. A lot of people may not realize how accessible our kneeling buses are and that they have ADA ramps, making them easy to board using your mobility device. Our Local Route buses are also equipped with bike racks to help riders get to their final destination and we see seniors riding their bikes to the bus stop, too.”

“With Locations along Laketran, we want to incent people to try transit when getting around the county and support the businesses along our routes,” said Capelle.

Restaurants, banks, farmers markets, retail and summer festivals are all providing discounts or giveaways to riders who use Laketran to get there, along with a grand prize each week for any rider who visits the Location of the Week, which is sponsored by Cougar 93.7 FM.

“Most businesses have a loyalty or added value program for their customers,” said board president Brain Falkowski. “We know there are a lot of transportation options from owning a car to taking Uber, so we are looking into ways to show our appreciation to riders who ride us regularly and those who give us a try.”

Locations of the Week are scattered throughout Lake County. The Location of the Week is announced weekly through Laketran’s website, Facebook, and every Monday morning on Cougar 93.7 FM radio.

For more details contact Laketran at 440-354-6100 or visit www.laketran.com.