Transit agencies launch regional mobile ticketing app to modernize fare collection

A new era in public transportation is about to begin as 13 transit agencies prepare to launch EZfare, an app-based, cashless, fare payment solution that will make riding public transit easier and more convenient than ever before.

Laketran will be available to demonstrate EZfare to the media and customers at four community events that coincide with the agency’s Try Transit Week.  Events will be held at:

  • Great Lakes Mall Transfer Center on Tuesday, October 15 from 11:30-2:30
  • Painesville Transfer Center on Wednesday, October 16 from 11:30-2:30
  • Mentor Park-n-Ride on Wednesday, October 16 from 3:30pm–6:00pm
  • Wickliffe Park-n-Ride on Thursday, October 17 from 3:45pm–6:00pm

Laketran launched EZfare this past June and 12 additional transit system plan to by the end of the year.

Eight systems will launch EZfare on Monday, October 14:

Laketran (Lake County)                                  MCPT (Medina County)

METRO RTA (Summit County)                      PARTA (Portage County)

Sandusky Transit (Erie County)                     SARTA (Stark County)

TARTA (Lucas County)                                  WRTA (Mahoning County)

Four will launch on Wednesday, October 23:

BCRTA (Butler County)                                  SORTA (Hamilton County)

TANK (Northern Kentucky)

The Cincinnati Bell Connector (Cincinnati Streetcar) is launching October 30 and Lancaster-Fairfield Transit system is launching on January 2020.

All are members of NEORide, a council of governments comprised of 13 transit systems dedicated to the development and promotion of regional public transportation services.

Available as a free download from both the App Store and Google Play, EZfare will enable customers to purchase fares and travel to their destination with just a few touches and swipes of their smartphone or tablet screen.

“We set out to create a seamless payment and mobile ticketing system that will vastly improve the service we offer existing riders and help our agencies attract new ones,” said Laketran CEO and NEORide Board President, Ben Capelle. “People don’t always carry cash these days. It shouldn’t be difficult for someone who doesn’t have cash in their pocket to be able to ride the bus.”

“Today, a customer must order a pass online and it is mailed to them or they must have cash to pay their fare and if a trip involves using multiple systems to reach a location in another county, you have to do that for each system,” he said.  “EZfare eliminates those challenges by eliminating the need to obtain paper tickets or carry cash.”

“We’re already the most affordable transportation option, EZfare represents a significant step forward in making us the most convenient,” he said. “That’s why we’re excited about the launch and eager for the public to take the app for a spin.”

“Once a customer downloads EZfare their smartphone or tablet becomes their ticket to ride to any of the thousands of destinations served by our systems,” Mr. Capelle continued. “EZfare is, quite simply, the easiest way to pay for and use public transit.”

Along with improving the rider experience, Mr. Capelle said EZfare will enable NEORide and its member agencies to accomplish two other project goals: developing regional transportation networks that make it easy for people to use public transit to travel from county to county and to reduce fare collection costs for collaborating agencies.

“EZfare eliminates the need for transfers between neighboring transit agencies creating a one stop shopping for your fares,” he explained. “I’m excited that Greater Cleveland RTA recently joined NEORide and I hope they will join EZfare to eliminate the need to use paper transfers between RTA and Laketran.”

“With each additional transit system joining EZfare, we have been able to grow the volume of fares collected and in return reduce our transaction fees, saving money for transit agencies and taxpayers across Ohio.

Experience, talent and innovation played major roles in the creation of EZfare. “NEORide’s members knew what they wanted and Masabi, a global leader in the development of Software-as-a-Service ticketing platforms possessed the expertise needed to make our vision a reality,” Mr. Capelle said. “Transit users across the state and beyond are going to benefit from our collaboration today and well into the future.”

“EZfare is an example of how regionalism and collaboration can work to reduce costs in government,” shared Brian Falkowski, board president of Laketran. “The cost of technology can often be a barrier for smaller transit systems, but by working together on projects such as EZfare, we can provide modern amenities to our customers.”

Detailed information about the app and download links are at The app can be found in the App Store and at Google Play by searching for “EZfare” and is also available via Transit App, the leading trip planning app.