Free rides for National Bike to Work Day Friday, May 17

Laketran encourages multi-modal commuting offering free rides for National Bike to Work Day Friday, May 17

Lake County, OH — On Friday, May 17, 2019, Laketran will be offering free rides to passengers who ride their bike to the bus stop as part of National Bike to Work Day. In an effort to encourage healthy and environmental friendly commuting options, passengers on Local Routes 1-6 and Park-n-Ride Routes 10-13 who ride their bikes to the bus stop will ride Laketran free.

“We want people to know you can take your bicycle anywhere Laketran takes you whether it’s here in Lake County or to Cleveland on our Park-n-Ride service,” shared Laketran CEO Ben Capelle.

“Our on-board bikes racks ultimately expand our service area for our riders, as well as promote multi-modal transportation options other than driving a car.”

“There are many benefits to biking and riding public transit. There are the obvious health benefits, but biking and riding also has an impact on local air quality and improves access throughout our region.”

Laketran’s Rack-n-Roll program carried over 6,000 bicycles in 2018.

All buses operating Laketran’s Local Routes 1-6 and Park-n-Ride Routes 10-13 are equipped with two on-board bike racks for riders to secure their bikes before boarding. Laketran Park-n-Ride lots have bike racks for riders to lock their bikes if they prefer not to take their bike with them downtown.

This year, Laketran is assisting with the distribution of NOACA’s new Lake County Bike Map. The new map can be found at public locations throughout Lake County including libraries, senior centers and city halls.

For more information about Bikes on Buses, including a “how-to” video for using the on-board bike racks, visit