Bikes on Buses

Local Route and Park-n-Ride buses are equipped with two on-board bike racks.
The loading and unloading of the bicycle on and off of the bike rack is the responsibility of the bicycle rider. Drivers may not assist.

Before Loading Your Bike

  • Have the bike ready to load before the bus arrives.
  • Remove loose items that might fall off such as water bottles, locks, pumps, etc.
  • Let the driver know you plan to load your bike onto the bus rack.
  • For safety reasons, load and unload bikes from the curb side.

To Load Your Bike

  • With one hand, hold your bike. Using your other hand, release and pull down the bike rack.
  • Lift bike onto the rack. Place front and rear wheels into labeled slots. If rack is empty, use the closest slot.
  • Raise support arm and allow it to rest on top of the front tire (not the fender or frame).

To Unload Your Bike

  • Prior to your stop, tell the driver you want to unload your bike.
  • Raise support arm holding your wheel in place. Move the support arm down and out of the way.
  • Lift your bike out of the rack.
  • If there is no other bike on the rack, fold up the bike rack.
  • Signal to the bus driver that you are finished and clear of the vehicle.

Please Note: The loading and un-loading of your bike is your responsibility. Laketran drivers will not be held liable for any damage due to any accidents or incidents.

What if the Bike Rack is Full?

Only two bikes can be carried at any one time. If the carrier is full customers will have to wait for another bus.