Laketran and Cleveland RTA Transfers

Transferring on Laketran

Laketran offers free transfers along Local Routes 1-9 and Park-n-Ride Routes 10-12 at designated transfer locations and Greater Cleveland RTA connections.  If you pay with EZfare, your activated bus pass is valid for two hours to use to transfer.  If you pay with cash, a bus pass or need to transfer to RTA, ask your driver for a transfer when you pay your fare. Transfers are valid for two hours. Transfers are not valid on the same route from which the transfer was issued or for use on a return trip.

Laketran and Cleveland RTA Transfers

Laketran and GCRTA have a reciprocal transfer agreement to provide regional access to high quality public transportation services. Together, we strive to provide regional transportation services that are safe, affordable, and reliable.

In order to facilitate travel between Lake and Cuyahoga counties, riders may transfer from one system to the other at three county-line points:

  • Shoregate Shopping Center, Laketran Routes 3 & 6 connect with GCRTA Routes 10 and 39.
  • At East 276th and East 260th in Euclid, Laketran Route 2 connects with GCRTA Route 28 to Windermere Station and GCRTA Route 94
  • At the Shops of Willoughby Hills, just west of Giant Eagle, Laketran Route 6 connects to GCRTA Route 94

Customers going to University Circle or other Cleveland destinations may transfer once from any Laketran Park-n-Ride Routes 10-12 to GCRTA HealthLine, bus, trolley, or rapid line at Tower City.

You must always pay the fare on the first system you board. A transfer is only valid for one ride on the adjoining system.

Traveling westbound from Lake County, you must ask your Laketran driver for a transfer to GCRTA.

Traveling eastbound into Lake County, you must ask your GCRTA driver for a “proof of payment” ticket that serves as a transfer.

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