Tips for a Successful Trip

Plan Your Trip

Starting planning your trip with Laketran’s online Trip Planner or Google Transit. Printed bus schedules are available at local libraries, senior centers, Lakeland Community College, Great Lakes Mall and on-board Laketran buses. At the bus stop, Ride Guides show route and fare information.  Download Laketran’s mobile APP for an easy way to carry your bus schedule with you.

Arrive Early

Get to your bus stop a few minutes early. As the bus approaches, check the destination sign on the front of the bus to makes sure it’s the correct bus.

Pay Your Fare

Download our EZfare app for the a cashless way to pay.  The fare box takes cash, coins, All-Day Passes, Value Cards or Smart Cards. Passes can be purchased here or call 440-350-1000.

Take A Seat

We ask that you keep the seats at the front of the bus open for seniors and people with disabilities. We recommend that for your safety, you take a seat instead of standing.  Please be considerate when buses are full and remember one seat per passenger.

Getting Off The Bus

About a block from your stop, pull the cord on the wall above your seat to signal the driver. Wait until the bus comes to a complete stop and depart from the rear door.

Transferring Buses

Laketran offers free transfers along Local Routes 1-9 and Park-n-Ride Routes 10-12 at designated transfer locations and Greater Cleveland RTA connections. For a free transfer, ask your driver for a transfer when you pay your fare. Transfers are not valid on the same route from which the transfer was issued or for use on a return trip.

Bike Racks

All Local Route and Park-n-Ride buses are equipped with bike racks. The racks allow a bike rider to mount their bike on the front of the bus when riding. There is no extra charge for your bike.

Travel Training

Are you a first time rider? Laketran offers one-on-one travel instruction to individuals and groups to teach you how to plan your trip, read a bus schedule, pay your fare and use Laketran’s Rider Tools. Schedule a Travel Training by calling 440-350-1067 or email