Fare Information

Local Routes 1-9

All-Day Pass $4.00
Reduced Fare All-Day Pass* $2.00
Regular Fare $1.75
Reduced Fare* $0.75
Children age 12 and under with fare-paying adult FREE
Transfers between Routes 1-9 FREE

Park-n-Ride Routes 10-12

Regular Fare $3.75
31-Day Ticket – Activates on the first day of use; expires 31 days later. $135.00
Reduced Fare* $1.50

Dial-a-Ride (In-County)

Regular Fare $10.00
Reduced Fare* $2.50
Children under age 12 or personal care attendants for ADA eligible trips. You must notify reservationist if traveling with an attendant. FREE

Dial-a-Ride (Cuyahoga County Medical Service)

Regular Fare $20.00
Reduced Fare* $5.00

*Laketran offers reduced fares to seniors, individuals with disabilities, veterans, and students. Customers who would like to participate in Laketran’s Reduced Fare program for Local Routes, Dial-a-Ride or Park-n-Ride must complete a Reduced Fare Application.