Reduced Fare Programs

Seniors/Adults with Disabilities

Reduced Fares are available to senior citizens or persons with disabilities who present a Golden Buckeye Card, Medicare Card or Laketran issued ADA or Student Reduced Fare ID at the time of boarding Local Routes 1-9 or Dial-a-Ride buses. This I.D. must be shown each time you board the bus to be eligible for the discounted fare.

Students with Disabilities

Middle and high school students with disabilities who are not yet eligible for a Golden Buckeye Card, may apply for a Student Reduced Fare I.D. Card by completing the Student Reduced Fare Card Application. This application requires a meeting with Laketran staff to review your application and must be renewed on an annual basis. With an approved application, the student will be issued a Student Reduced Fare I.D. that will allow him/her to travel on Local Routes 1-9 or Dial-a-Ride services at the same rate as seniors/individuals with disabilities.  Laketran offers one-on-one Travel Training for all students to learn how to navigate the Local Routes or Dial-a-Ride service safely.

Children 3-12

Children ages 3-12 years old ride Local Routes and Dial-a-Ride at Laketran’s reduce fare.  The reduce fare for Local Routes  1-9 is $.75 and for Dial-a-Ride is $2.50. There is no minimum age to ride the bus alone. Children under the age of 2 years old ride free on all Laketran services.

Medicaid Recipients

If you are a Medicaid recipient, the cost of your transportation to some Medicaid-approved health care services may be covered by Medicaid. In these instances, the rider does not pay a fare. Medicaid will be billed under the appropriate program through Lake County Jobs and Family Services. Learn more about Medicaid Non-Emergency Transportation.

For more information on any of these programs, please contact Laketran’s Outreach Department at 440-350-1067 or