Medicaid Non-Emergency Transportation

Medicaid NET

What is Medicaid NET?

If you are a Medicaid recipient, you may be eligible to receive free Dial-a-Ride transportation to approved medical appointments through the Ohio Medicaid Non-Emergency Transportation (NET) program. Laketran is a Medicaid transportation provider for Lake County Department of Job & Family Services.

To sign up for Medicaid NET, call Lake County Department of Job & Family Services (LCDJFS), at 440-350-4212. When you call, be prepared to leave this information with the automated attendant:

• Your name
• Social Security number
• A phone number where you can be reached

You will be mailed a release of information form. Complete and return the release of information form to LCDJFS. Your NET request will not be approved before the release of information form is returned and eligibility is determined. LCDJFS will notify Laketran if you are approved.

This service is only available on Laketran’s Dial-a-Ride service. Download more information here on Laketran Medicaid Non-Emergency Transportation.

Making a Reservation for Medicaid NET Program

After your eligibility has been approved by LCDJFS and Laketran is notified, you can make a reservation by calling Laketran Customer Service 2-12 business days prior to your trip at 440-354-6100 or toll-free at 1-888-LAKETRAN.

Weekends, federal holidays, and any day LCDJFS is closed do not count as business days.

Before you call, please have the following information ready for the person who will be riding the bus:

• Name
• Date of Birth
• Date and time of your medical appointment
• Doctor’s name and phone number
• Doctor’s address with room number, building name and/or building entrance
• Name of medical facility

Laketran will notify you regarding LCDJFS approval or denial of the trip at least 24 hours prior to the scheduled trip. If your trip has not been approved in advance you will be required to pay your normal Laketran fare. 

Medicaid NET Program Policies

1. Laketran requires all Medicaid NET trips to be booked a minimum of 48 hours in advance.
2. Requests for Medicaid NET trips made only two business days in advance must be received by 2 p.m. Trips scheduled after 2 p.m. are considered next day requests.
3. If the bus gets to a pickup or drop-off location and LCDJFS has not approved the trip, the customer will have to pay the fare for the trip.

LCDJFS No-Show Policy

To cancel a trip, call the Laketran 24-hour cancellation line at 440-350-1099. Cancellations must be made 2 hours before the beginning of your pickup window or it is counted as a no-show. Multiple no-shows is considered misuse of the Medicaid NET program.

LCDJFS may temporarily restrict or suspend a particular type of non-emergency transportation assistance or non-emergency transportation assistance in general for an individual for reasons including but not limited to the following examples:

(a) Misuse by the individual, as determined by LCDJFS;
(b) Dangerous, threatening, or disruptive behavior on the part of the individual; or
(c) Presence in the individual of a communicable disease or condition and (other than a mild endemic illness such as the common cold) that constitutes a danger to public health.