Ways to Pay Your Bus Fare

Local Route & Park-n-Ride – Download the EZfare App

Laketran encourages all Local Route & Park-n-Ride riders to download the EZfare app for a cashless and convenient way to pay your fare. Laketran installed onboard validators for you to simply “tap and go” when paying your fare with your smartphone. EZfare can be downloaded from the Apple Store or Google Play.

Partner Apps – Do you already have an account with apps Transit, Moovit or Uber?  You can now plan and pay for your Laketran trip in any of these apps, too.  These apps also provide real-time arrival information along with helpful transit tools.

We hope you’ll considering using EZfare or one of our partner apps to pay your fare.

Dial-a-Ride – Use Request-a-Ride 

Dial-a-Ride transitioned to a prepaid service. There are no longer fare boxes on Dial-a-Ride buses. Fare payment will be taken when you schedule a reservation by phone or online with Request-a-Ride.