Seniors on the Go

Are you a little anxious about trying Laketran or concerned about a friend or family members driving or isolation?  It’s time to call Laketran. We understand transitioning from driving a car to using public transportation can be a difficult life decision.

Laketran’s “Seniors on the Go” program provides participants personalized information and ongoing assistance from experienced Laketran employees, allowing them to stay mobile regardless of their ability or desire to drive. The program is flexible to the needs of each individual senior and their family.

The program allows seniors to make personal decisions on whether they need transportation service for night or winter driving, to get to doctors’ appointments, or help during a life changing milestones (stroke rehab, cancer treatment), or if they need it daily for all essential transportation.

For more information call Dale Wiechelman at 440-350-1067 or to set-up a home visit or presentation for your group.