Professional Programs

The goals of public transportation are to offer freedom, mobility, choice and independence. Laketran shares with many local agencies and education institutions, the goal of empowering individuals to lead independent, self-directed lives. Laketran offers numerous training programs to help citizens learn how transit can be their primary mode of transportation.

In addition to direct training to individuals, Laketran offers professional staff workshops and presentations to promote a better understanding of the interdependence of the services we provide to our community.

Agency Staff/Leadership

Laketran’s communications staff offers presentations to leadership about how Laketran operates, and the costs and goals of public transit. Presentations are tailored to address the specific needs and services of the agencies’ clients/consumers.

Agency staff offerings include:

  • Overview presentation: 15-30 minutes. Great for staff meetings.
  • Work session: 2 hours. To better understand Laketran operations
  • Field training: 4 hours. To learn it all and get an on-board experience.

In-service work sessions review the services available and how to access them. Sessions include discussion on ADA requirements and applications, system accessibility, individual training options for clients, general map and schedule reading and trip planning.

Field training is a comprehensive training that includes all trip planning, barrier assessments and an on-board trip utilizing local fixed routes. Maximum group size is 20.

Laketran offers presentations and training to educational leadership, teachers, support staff, PTAs, student clubs and other programs. Presentations are tailored to address the specific interests of the student age group.

Educational Organizations

Educational offerings include:

  • School Board presentations
  • Educational leadership presentations
  • Teacher/support staff individual training
  • IEP participation for transition services
  • Participation/education tables at PTA events
  • Student groups can plan bus facility tours and community-based trips on local fixed routes

For more information, or to schedule presentations, please contact call Julia Schick at (440) 350-1012 or