Laketran installs propane detectors to prepare for fleet arrival

Grand River Village-based V.L. Chapman Electric Inc. was awarded a contract by Laketran’s Board of Trustees for the supply and installation of 21 indoor propane gas detectors. The board awarded the contract at its Jan. 23 meeting.

According to a Laketran news release, the detectors will be housed in Laketran’s on-site, 122,000-square-foot vehicle storage garage and maintenance area in Painesville Township.

The cost of the contract of Phase II of the transit agency’s Propane Infrastructure Project is not to exceed $127,400.

The propane gas detectors will be purchased using 80 percent federal grant funds with a 20 percent local match.

Propane, a clean-burning fuel because of its lower carbon content, significantly reduces smog-forming hydrocarbons and greenhouse emissions compared with gasoline and diesel fuels, the release stated. In addition, propane is American-made, which reduces dependence on foreign oil.

Laketran expects to save 35 percent in fuel costs, compared with diesel.

The 30,000-gallon outdoor propane fueling station’s construction was completed in November. Laketran will next equip the fleet garage with sensors to detect any possible buildup of propane gas.
Deputy General Manager Ben Capelle said interior propane detectors are mandatory for indoor vehicle storage.

“The detectors alert us to any issues if propane builds up inside the bus garage. In the event of a gas leak, garage doors would automatically open and start a ventilation system.”

Phase II of Laketran’s Propane Infrastructure Project should be complete in four to six weeks in preparation for the arrival of eight propane-powered Dial-a-Ride paratransit vehicles.