Laketran Board gives Falkowski and Miller a vote of confidence forging into a year of change

Painesville, OH –  At the January 23 meeting, the Laketran Board of Trustees unanimously re-elected Brian Falkowski as Board President to a third, one-year term and Paul E. Miller as Vice President for a second, one-year term for 2017.  President Falkowski has been a Laketran Trustees since June 2011 and Vice President Miller has served on the Laketran Board since May 2012.

Following the roll call vote, both men said they were honored to serve the Laketran Board of Trustees for another year in the two leadership positions and thanked their colleagues for their support.

Falkowski immediately took action to re-appointment Jean Sency as the Finance Committee Chair and Donna McNamee as Operations Committee Chair.

“This is a great board to work with and I am honored to continue as President.  In the past two years, we have been able to restore all the service cut in 2009 without the need of a fare increase,” shared Falkowski.  “This year, with the recent announcement of retirement of general manager Ray Jurkowski, we will shift our focus to hiring new leadership for the agency.”

Miller also commented on Laketran’s progress stating, “I’m very proud of how this agency, while small compared to larger urban transit systems, works hard at keeping up to date with technology that makes operations more efficient and provides customer tools to make riding the bus a better experience.”

“The transition to using propane fuel for our Dial-a-Ride fleet is also another exciting upcoming change,” expressed Miller.

The first of Laketran’s propane-fueled fleet is due to arrive in May.