Transit agencies reserve a front seat on buses to honor Rosa Parks

Laketran and Geauga Transit, in partnership with the NAACP of Lake County, are proudly honoring the life and enduring legacy of Rosa Parks, the courageous civil rights icon whose pivotal act sparked the Montgomery bus boycott and reshaped the trajectory of human rights in America.

Rosa Parks, born on February 4, became a symbol of resistance and equality when she defiantly refused to surrender her bus seat to a white passenger on a segregated Montgomery, Alabama city bus. This single act of bravery ignited the Montgomery bus boycott, lasting a year and leading to the end of legal segregation in the United States. Known as the “Mother of the Modern-Day Civil Rights Movement,” Rosa Parks continues to inspire freedom-loving individuals worldwide.

“The fundamental principles of equality and access are at the core of Laketran’s mission and public transportation as a whole,” remarked Ben Capelle, CEO of Laketran. “Rosa Parks, like many today in Lake County, relied on the bus for essential activities. We invite the community to join us in honoring her legacy by taking a seat reserved in her name.”

In commemoration of Rosa Parks and in conjunction with the commencement of Black History Month, Laketran and Geauga Transit will reserve the front seat on their buses from February 5 through February 9. A special commemorative sign reading, “Reserved in honor of Rosa Parks. It all started on a bus. We honor the courage of Rosa Parks and her vision for equal access for all,” will accompany the reserved seat.

Pam Morse, President of NAACP of Lake County, encourages individuals to actively participate in the tribute by riding Laketran buses and taking selfies next to the seat reserved for Rosa Parks. “This tribute provides an opportunity to reflect on our history and celebrate the progress we’ve made as a country,” shared Morse.

As part of the commemoration, the NAACP of Lake County is generously offering free All-Day bus passes to those interested in riding Laketran during the Rosa Parks’ tribute. Free bus passes can be obtained at Painesville Furniture & Carpet, located at 83 S. State Street in Painesville.

Join Laketran, Geauga Transit, and the NAACP of Lake County in honoring Rosa Parks, recognizing her determined spirit, and celebrating the enduring impact of her contributions to the advancement of civil rights in America.