Laketran to sell 12.95 acre Adkins Road property in Mentor

Laketran’s board of trustees recently approved the sale of property along Adkins Road in Mentor. The vacant 12.95 acre property that lies just northwest of the State Highway 2 and State Route 306 interchange was purchased by the transit agency in 1995 with the intention to build a Park-n-Ride lot to operate commuter express service to Cleveland.

The transit agency no longer has a need for the property for public transit use and has decided to sell it.

“We are closing a chapter in our history,” shared Ben Capelle, general manager for Laketran. “We have a very successful Park-n-Ride operating along Market Street in Mentor serving over 150 daily commuters and land to expand operations there, if necessary. We also have capacity at both our Lakeland Community College and Classic Park Park-n-Ride lots that are not too far from the Adkins Road location.”

The sale of the real estate on Adkins Road will be conducted by sealed bid public auction.  Laketran aims to have bid documents available to the public by end of April.

“We are excited to see this asset returned to community,” continued Capelle. The location of the land provides a lot of opportunities for another investment that can benefit both Mentor and Lake County.”

As to what Laketran plans to do with the proceeds of the property is still yet to be determined.

“Once we know the proceeds of the sale, we can begin discussing how Laketran will reinvest that into the community to meet growing transportation needs,” explained Capelle. “Unfortunately, we saw significant cuts from the State of Ohio last year and we’re still trying to keep up with the growing demands of our Dial-a-Ride service.”

If you are interested in purchasing the property,  contact Laketran at 440-350-1000.