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Sales Tax approval will fuel Laketran service

Voters sent a strong message of support to Laketran, as they went to the ballot box and supported the one-quarter of 1 percent sales tax levy to sustain Laketran’s door-to-door Dial-a-Ride service and improve transit services to key job corridors. Final, unofficial results from the Lake County Board of Elections, show the issue passed 29,907 […]

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Laketran introduces 5 passenger vans to Dial-a-Ride fleet

Laketran has started to introduce passenger vans into its Dial-a-Ride fleet as another way make the service more efficient as it combats the cost of growing ridership. Dial-a-Ride ridership has been rapidly increasing since 2015 and Laketran first took action by transitioning its Dial-a-Ride buses to propane in 2017 to reduce fuel costs and next […]

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Facts on Issue 2

Here’s the facts on Issue 2 – Laketran’s ¼ of 1% sales tax levy Lake County residents rely on Laketran over 2,500 times a day meaning 750,000 times a year and over half of those trips are provided to seniors or people with disabilities. Over 60% of Laketran trips take people to work or school. […]

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Transit enhancements aim to improve access and economic development along major Lake County corridors

As part of Painesville Township’s streetscape project, the township, in partnership with Laketran, has installed five bus shelters along Mentor Avenue. “We know that Mentor Avenue is Laketran’s busiest bus route. We wanted to improve access for residents to get to work and shop in our business district,” said township trustee Gabe Cicconetti, “We hope […]

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