Laketran hits record breaking ridership for Championship Parade

Lake County, OH –  Laketran congratulates the NBA champion Cleveland Cavaliers and the City of Cleveland for the celebration of a lifetime.

“Yesterday was an amazing day and everyone at Laketran was excited to be part of the Cavs excitement and to help Lake County residents access the celebration in downtown Cleveland,” shared Ray Jurkowski, general manager of Laketran.

With over triple Cleveland’s population converging on downtown Cleveland, public transportation was in high demand to get to the championship parade.  In addition to Laketran’s regular commuter Park-n-Ride service, Laketran carried over 10,000 passengers to and from downtown Cleveland to Lake County.  The riders were divided equally from City of Eastlake’s overflow stadium lot and Mentor Park-n-Ride.

In cooperation with City of Eastlake and Mentor Public Schools, Laketran was able to take a total of 1855 cars off the road with 1100 cars parked in Mentor and 755 at Eastlake stadium.

In preparation, Laketran used every vehicle available in its fleet, including 14 retired vehicles.

“This was a special day for all of Northeast Ohio,” continued Jurkowski. “Even with crowded bus stops and long rides, we appreciated that people kept a positive attitude. I’m sure when people reflect back on this historic day, hopefully they’ll remember Laketran got them there.”