Transit GO

Offer your employees a benefit they can use every day!

It’s getting harder to access a qualified workforce. Competitive benefit packages can often help recruit & retain employees, so Laketran is launching Transit GO – a transit benefit program for Lake County employers.

Laketran, the Lake County Commissioners, AWT and the Fund for Our Economic Future have joined together to provide free transit benefits to participating employers in Lake County.  Employers that enroll in program receive free Laketran Local Route bus passes to distribute to any employee or recruits, to ensure they have access to employment.

Transit benefits are the only benefit where both employers and employees save!  


• Expands your labor market for recruitments
• Enhances benefits package for employees
• Improves retention
• Reduces tardiness & absenteeism
• Promotes sustainability & air quality
Easy and FREE to enroll your company!


• Saves on gas, maintenance, & auto insurance
• Provides reliable transportation
• Saves you money
• Creates healthier habits
• Reduces the stress of driving
• A benefit you can use every day

It’s easy to get started. Simply complete the Employer Commitment Agreement.

Want to share this great opportunity with your employer? Download the Transit GO flyer here.

For more information, contact Julia Schick at or (440) 350-1012.

The Fund for Our Economic Future has provided funding to Laketran and the Lake County Commissioners through the Paradox Prize program. The goal of the Paradox Prize is to increase transportation options for low-income residents in Northeast Ohio, in a way that increases access to jobs, ultimately promoting social welfare and combatting community deterioration.