About Smart Cards

Reusable. Reloadable. Remarkable.

  • Use Smart Cards on local bus routes, Cleveland commuter express or Dial-a-Ride – or even on all three! The card stores monetary value so it can be used on multiple services.
  • Smart Cards are made of a durable plastic and contain a microchip that tracks and protects the value on your card and allows you to add value to the card at any farebox.
  • It’s eco-friendly, because using a Smart Card eliminates the use of disposable paper tickets.
  • Smart Cards cost $5.00 and are only sold with a loaded fare value. (minimum loaded value of $25).
  • To use the card, simply tap the target face-down to the same image on the farebox. Your fare is automatically deducted!
  • When your card runs low on value, simply visit any Laketran farebox to add value with cash on your Smart Card and ride as much and as often as you like.
  • To reload your card, let the driver know you want to add value to your card and insert coins and/or bills in any combination to store up to $200 on your Smart Card (fare boxes can accept up to a $20 bill).

Why is there a $5.00 cost for a Smart Card?

When you initially purchase your card, the $5.00 charge covers the cost of the reusable, plastic, stored-value card and Smart Card Protection. The Smart Card Protection registers your card with our fare system and protects the balance on your card. Should your card become lost or stolen, you only need to call us immediately and we can deactivate the card from the system. We then replace your card with the balance when reported with a new card.

How to order:

  1. Go to Purchase Bus Passes
  2. Select the fare amount you want to load on your Smart Card
  3. Complete the order form!