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Vendor Information
Provide your full vendor name. Please explain acronyms, logos, or abbreviations.
Vendor Demographics
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3A. Business Classification *
3B. Primary Business Type *
3C. Ethnic Group
3D. Miscellaneous
Male Ownership
Female Ownership
Ohio UCP DBE Certified
SBA 8A Certified
MBE Certified


3A: Select a business classification or ownership structure.

3B: Select your organization's primary business type.

3C: Select your ethnic group that represents your majority ownership (greater than or equal to 51%).

3D: See criteria below.

  • Check "Male Ownership" if
    • Vendor Ownership is Male.
  • Check "Female Ownership" if
    • Vendor ownership is Female.
  • Check "Ohio UCP DBE Certified" if
    • Vendor organization is certified by the Ohio Unified Certification Program as a Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE).
  • Check "SBA 8A Certified" if
    • Vendor organization is certified by the Small Business Administration as Section 8A.
  • Check "MBE Certified" if
    • Vendor organization is a certified Minority Business and can provide a copy of the certificate.
Annual Gross Receipts
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$500,001 - $1,000,000
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Annual Gross Reciepts?

Annual average gross revenue. It usually includes revenue from the sale of goods or services, interest, and rents less allowances and returns, proceeds from sale of fixed assets, intra enterprise transactions, inter-affiliate transactions, and withholding taxes collected from the employees.

Please provide a description of the services you can provide Laketran.
Preparer Information

Whats This?

This section of the Online Application is for providing information regarding the person whom is currently filling out the Online Vendor Appliction form.